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CHF 10 CHF 5000
Anna Anna 101 multicolor CHF 169.00
Alissa Alissa 101 multicolor CHF 169.00
Amy Amy 101 multicolor CHF 169.00
Arwen Arwen 101 multicolor CHF 219.00
Ashley Ashley 101 multicolor CHF 219.00
Anouk Anouk 101 multicolor CHF 189.00
Füllkissen Füllkissen 101 white CHF 37.90

    Hygiene masks

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    Our new community masks are online:

    With fashionable Prints, high wearing comfort and multiple washable.

    For All from Us, stay healthy!
    Your St. Gallen Textile Team

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    Discover our loungewear collection

    Sensual silk kimonos, caftans, tops and trousers with virtuoso Jakob Schlaepfer prints and embroideries

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