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St. Gallen

The Jakob Schlaepfer Store in St.Gallen at Fürstenlandstrasse 99 is permanently closed.

For questions about products, please contact the store in Zurich:

T +41 (0)44 251 24 06
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Obere Zäune 6
CH–8001 Zurich

T +41 (0)44 251 24 06
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Opening hours
Mo closed
Tue–Fri 10.00–18.30
Sa 10.00–16.00

Using a car: Parking can be found at "Seilergraben" or in the parking garage "Hohe Promenade".

Using public transport: take tram nr. 3 from the train station heading towards "Klusplatz" or bur nr. 31 towards "Kienastenwies". If you take the tram, get out at the stop named "Neumarkt" otherwise get out at the stop named "Kunsthaus".